If content is king, then collaboration is key!

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Why Us?

The Why is simple.. the Marketing Portal drives your marketing objectives to another level by empowering and better collaborating with those around you.

Are you one of those companies with a marketing resource that sits behind the company with the customer relationships? Have you ever felt that you just push marketing material out through the supply channel or trading partners and then lose sight of it? Do time, money and manpower constrain the type of marketing you produce so you leave yourself open to criticism of being inflexible in terms of personification, format, timing, quantity and measurement?


The ICM Marketing Portal turns that on its head and empowers those nearest to the end user to elect what to send, when to send it, to whom they send it and when.

In effect the Marketing Portal becomes their de-facto marketing department with the obvious benefit that they have the consumer relationship that can now be geared to generate a pull demand for your products and services.

They get professional marketing material in print and or digital format that can stretch across the whole sales funnel:

Social media content or suggestions to raise brand and product awareness at the top end of the sales funnel. Email to drive sales but also to quantify and qualify leads. Web page copy to support sales campaigns and to drive relevance and importance with search engines and landing pages to capture prospects details enabling you to start dialogues and conversations.

And then as you move down the sales funnel past the marketing stages of contacting to a group of people to the sales function of communicating one-to-one the CRM module empowers telesales and direct sales to pick up and allocate tasks, work through to-do lists, further qualify individuals through the sales process to either send them marketing materials, close out the sale or pass them back to marketing.

Sometimes, the old adage of taking a horse to water springs to mind, but not to worry because there’s always the Managed Services and Custom Field features to have a look at and decide whether you want to run campaigns on behalf of your trading partners It’s all so easy and you don’t have to ask them to hand over their mailing lists!

And all of this with a degree of transparency to the Portal Administrator that allows you to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Intrigued, curious, nosey; just request a demo and we’ll have a chat about your circumstances and if it’s right for you we’ll happily run you through the Portal.

It’s not for everyone, that was never ‘Why’ we created it – we created it because we want smaller business to survive and thrive and we believe that marketing automation designed specifically for sharing and collaborating with your trading partners is a great leap forward and mutually beneficial for everyone involved.