If content is king, then collaboration is key!

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Getting Started

If you’ve got this far (well done) but you probably recognise that collaboration is no longer just a buzzword, it’s a strategy and key to long-term business success and competitiveness, so how do we help to get you started?

First things first – are you right for the Marketing Portal and is it right for you?

Are you a manufacturer, wholesaler, buying or members group, franchisor or agency that works within a supply chain primarily in a B2B sector? Do you deal with distributors, resellers, members, franchisees and or clients, helping them to get your products and services to market?


Just to cover off some of the standard questions:
Yes, the ICM Marketing Portal can have your branding, look and feel and use the domain of your choice.
You can certainly create and manage Customer Accounts for your distributors et al within the Portal; in effect you can create layers and layers of them and slice and dice them in any number of ways.
Yep, each Account then has Users and these Users can have different permissions, so some do one thing, whilst others do what they do.

You create content, whether it’s a PDF, or html, social media, image banks, product files (with codes, descriptions, rrps, sizes, images etc.), Word docs, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, Video and then make it available to an individual account, a group of accounts or every account.

The Marketing Portal is designed for ‘low tech’ users so each training package is bespoke to suit your requirements, no matter what shape, size or location.

We can manage your product file and image bank within the system so if the users want to go down the route of creating their own materials we can help them with preformatted templates and they can just call off images, descriptions etc. whenever they want to.

Managed Services is an option and no you never have to see their contacts or mailing lists.

Fundamentally this is software as a service in its truest sense and we like to think that you’ll be entering into a long term relationship so we’ll go to the ends of the earth to help with training and support, both for yourselves and your Accounts.

We like to think of the training and support as being proactive and reactive and we’re confident that there’s a healthy mix of online help throughout the Portal, supporting documentation, webinars and tutorials so your team and users can login and learn, right from their desks.

It’s all designed to educate and inform allowing users to discover, manage and grow.